Positivity or truthfulness: Which one we should choose?

Very often, we are fueled with this thought “Be Positive” all the time. Lest pause and think…is it humanely possible? I believe no we cannot be. I guess we can be truthful. I heard replacing positivity with truthfulness at some satsang and I immediately liked this thought. The thoughts in the blog are purely personal and may be many of us will resonate with this idea.

When we start bothering our beloved search engine (google) with phrase how to stay positive. It is usually, when life hits us hard or not even that hard (oh  how come he or she did not greet me). And as a result of our search we get overwhelming information about being positive. After downloading positive information we tend to think oh come on I am so timid, I am excessively feeding my neurons bad thoughts…blah blah. Logically, we do overthink and it is the most vital job our monkey brain, keep churning out thoughts after thoughts unless we go in to complete surrender. But do we really overthink sometime (I again emphasis sometime). No we do not. Let me try to put it in perspective by two examples:

  1. Lets consider one example if someone has an abusive partner. He or she is going through constant physical and mental trauma. Do you think positive thinking is going to help? Of course, not, no matter how much positive vibes you send. One needs to be realistic, that means take proper course of action legally. That is the exact need of the hour.
  2. Someone is severely obese accompanied with uncontrolled diabetes. Big belly, perturbed lipid profile, multiple chronic disease. With all these symptoms and life style problems, you are bound get upset or depressed. Do you thing listening to a podcast filled with positive energy is going to help. Yes, it will help if one wants to lose weight and make constructive changes in his/her life. But with our limited intelligence sometime we use that positivity to eat greasy donut everyday. Be positive, nothing is going to happen. But, we are sadly mistaken our ego whisper in our ears “my prime goal is to make myself happy and if happiness lies in eating greasy stuff” then let’s eat all that pizza lying in your freezer. Then we feel guilty of eating something high in carbs and greasy. This is a vicious circle and we find ourselves entrapped in this small loop.

 We should be wise enough to use positivity to break cobwebs of our mind. We should consciously think, remember one thing unknowingly we start deriving pleasure from our own miseries. Same notion applies to an abusive relationship. Most of the time we go back to our abuser (of course once they apologies), knowing that they are going to hurt us back. Similarly, we eat sugar and greasy stuff to satisfy our taste buds, knowing that without burning those extra calories. We are going to become roly poly.

DEAR FRIENDS LETS STAY TRUTHFUL TO OURSELEVES…I AM NOT SAYING IT’S BAD TO BE POSITIVE. It will certainly help us manifold if we amalgamate positivity with truthfulness. Use positivity to have stable mind and then work forward to take control of your life. Then no one can stop you. Cheers😘……. Isha Sharma

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29 thoughts on “Positivity or truthfulness: Which one we should choose?

  1. Absolutely true. In Geeta also God Krishna laid emphasis on hard work. This is the only key to success. No shortcuts. But direction of hard work is very important to gain success. If we keep pushing wall all the time and complained it is not falling (then pushing is not a hard work rather or foolishness). Hence hard work should accompany wisdom also. In today’s time smart work is synonymous to hard work. But this definition changes with time, situation, place. So its good to be positive keeping in mind the reality.


  2. Such incredibly amazing examples put through to elucidate the concept of replacing positivity with truthfulness.
    A positive attitude might motivate folks around however, in order to get a task done/ to overcome anything, one needs to take a step to achieve anyway.


  3. Good. We should choose both positivity and truthfulness. Always being positive, sometimes being truthful. This reminds me of these words – to cure sometimes, to relieve often, to comfort always, that is the basic rule for the doctor. We are not saints, but everybody can try to be a good person and live a happy life.

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