Sugary Kidneys

It is a fancy term, isn’t it so? This phrase came to my mind when I was wondering writing regarding scientific discoveries. This morning when I was on my way to lab. This phrase just popped up in my neurons.

So what exactly I mean by sugary kidneys. With long standing diabetes, our vital organs are subjected to damage. Moreover, kidney is one of the vital organ. It is said that our kidney filter half of cup blood every single minute, in doing so they take care of extra fluid, waste and make urine. Our kidney just do not only makes urine, but also maintain blood pressure by throwing acids, salts, and minerals out of our body. Without proper blood electrolyte balance nerves, muscles and other vital functions of body cannot be accomplished. In addition, kidney make two-hormone vitamin D and erythropoietin that further helps in strengthening bones and making blood. Kidneys have lot of important functions under its belt. If something goes wrong with their functioning, they can really mess up body.

             Kidney make two hormones vitamin D and erythropoietin”

In general, God has made kidney and another vital organ i.e. Liver  “pretty robust”. That means, liver has capacity of regeneration. Moreover, kidney needs to be 30% damage before symptoms of renal injury starts showing up. To begin we need only one kidney for normal body functions.

Kidney needs to be 30% damage before symptoms of renal injury starts showing up !!!!!

Source Unknown

Therefore, what exactly goes wrong when we have elevated blood sugar level for long period?

  • Our kidneys acts like sieve. They have small filtering units called glomerulus, which are surrounded by tiny blood vessels. If blood sugar is elevated for a long time, blood vessels will be clogged and narrow. Now these clogged vessels have to carry same blood volume. With constant increased pressure, filtration units of our kidney will have holes (pressure ruptures the lining of glomerulus). As a result, albumin (blood protein) comes out in urine; normally it does not. Secretion of this protein in urine, is a sign of damaged kidney.  
  • Increased blood sugar damage nerves in our body. Nerves acts as a messenger between brain and parts of our body. Urinary bladder is one of them. Nerves tell our brain that bladder is full and so we have urge to pee. However, if nerve is not working because of diabetes, we do not feel pressure in our bladder. Constant pressure from the bladder can damage our kidney.
  • Urine is actually a toxic waste from our body and if it remains in the body for longer period. Oh god, it can mess up our body functions. Actually, bacteria (tiny germs) they grow faster in urine. Beside this, it is a stagnant urine with high sugar, this leads to chronic or acute infection in bladder. If bacterial growth not controlled timely, these tiny creatures can easily travel to kidneys and permanently damage them.

          “Bacteria (tiny germs) they grow faster in urine which have glucose

Understanding Urine Test Informed Health.Org

How do I know I have bad kidneys?

It is very difficult to assess that you have damaged kidney, most of the people does not show symptoms at early stages, so they does not feel necessity for kidney function test. Individual with or without diabetes should go for kidney function test for healthy life. In short what kidney function test is: doctors collect urine and check leakage of albumin in urine (albuminuria). Micro (less) and micro (larger) albuminuria can tell us stage of kidney damage, if microalbuminuria that means disease is in initial stage and right measures can be taken to prevent the further damage.  

” Albuminuria is the basic Indicator of damaged kidney

JAMA. 2015 Feb 24; 313(8): 837–846.

What should I do now?

 Consult your general healthcare physician. He or she will recommend you to kidney doctor. In addition, consulting a dietician would certainly help you. Considering following options will help us to have better and long-lasting kidneys.

  1. Maintaining blood sugar level:  We should be mindful of our blood sugar. Regular sugar level test will help us to take necessary precautions for healthy kidneys. We can have controlled blood sugar with healthy diet, exercise and if one is diabetic or prediabetic take necessary medicines ( insulin or metformin) which can help to normalize blood sugar level.
  2.  Controlling blood- pressure: High BP can increase chances of damaging kidney. With healthy lifestyle and right medication, one can manage. ACE inhibitors are the popular blood pressure medicine. These medicines are known to slow down kidney damage.
  3. Controlling protein intake: Protein is important for our body, specifically in diabetic state. In this state, patient’s muscles are weak. Interestingly, muscles are made up of proteins. Normally, one should be eating right amount of proteins, but given the condition of diabetes, we should be more careful with our protein intake. Nevertheless, avoid overeating, high protein diet increases chances of kidney damage. With diabetes and bad kidneys, one should consult dietitian for diet plan. Therefore, we can have proper nutrition without compromising health. Do not try to help yourself without consulting doctor. It can be life threatening.  

                    “ Healthy dietary and lifestyle habits makes your kidney happy


4. Restricting salt intake: Limiting salt intake in our diet can helps us to restrict further damage.

5. Maintaining healthy cholesterol and lipid level. Controlled lipid profile prevent further damage to blood vessels (by not clogging them).

6. Careful usage of medicines: Most commonly used pain killer “ibuprofen” damages the kidney. Be mindful, which type of painkiller you are consuming. Consult your doctor before taking any type of Ayurveda, herbal, homeopathic medicines. Because some of the herbal medicines are known to damage kidney.   

N.B: I would be happy if readers can share their views about what they would like me to write about my next post. Comments are welcomed. Thanks

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    1. This is really a great and informative article. I’m too suffering from this problem since 2012. This article was very helpful to me and I was very relieved to read this article. This has proven to be very Beneficial for me. You are duing a great job for the benefit of other people


  1. Very informative article, Thank you for sharing! Based on your expertise in fluorescence microscopy, I was wondering if you could share some fun facts and some do and dont’s about it! Thanks!

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