Hidden Role of Vitamin D: From Strengthening Bones to Curing Diabetes

Vitamin D: Metabolism and Physiology Vitamin D is the only fat soluble vitamin which executes its biological action once its pro-vitamin form goes through series of modification via its exposure to solar UV-B.  It prominently exist in two forms: cholecalciferol (vitamin D2) and ergocalciferol (Vitamin D3). Salmon, a fatty fish and animal products are mainContinue reading “Hidden Role of Vitamin D: From Strengthening Bones to Curing Diabetes”

I would like to believe wait is over!!!!!!!! The women in science

You don’t get these types of news everyday, where you can feel adrenaline rushing in veins and communicating with your brain. Yes, finally you can write not only write but say it louder…here is the women in science. It’s not just a metaphor or motivational phrase anymore. I woke up one morning and learned that,Continue reading “I would like to believe wait is over!!!!!!!! The women in science”

Foods for happy kidney

If you have renal (kidney) disease, let’s be honest with yourself you cannot eat whatever you want. As our kidneys are not functioning properly. As a result, our bodies will retain waste and this can leads to multiple diseases that include osteoporosis, joints pain, muscle and nerve problems, high blood pressure, and heart failure. WhateverContinue reading “Foods for happy kidney”

Sugary Kidneys

It is a fancy term, isn’t it so? This phrase came to my mind when I was wondering writing regarding scientific discoveries. This morning when I was on my way to lab. This phrase just popped up in my neurons. So what exactly I mean by sugary kidneys. With long standing diabetes, our vital organsContinue reading “Sugary Kidneys”

Positivity or truthfulness: Which one we should choose?

Very often, we are fueled with this thought “Be Positive” all the time. Lest pause and think…is it humanely possible? I believe no we cannot be. I guess we can be truthful. I heard replacing positivity with truthfulness at some satsang and I immediately liked this thought. The thoughts in the blog are purely personalContinue reading “Positivity or truthfulness: Which one we should choose?”

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