Hidden Role of Vitamin D: From Strengthening Bones to Curing Diabetes

Vitamin D: Metabolism and Physiology Vitamin D is the only fat soluble vitamin which executes its biological action once its pro-vitamin form goes through series of modification via its exposure to solar UV-B.  It prominently exist in two forms: cholecalciferol (vitamin D2) and ergocalciferol (Vitamin D3). Salmon, a fatty fish and animal products are mainContinue reading “Hidden Role of Vitamin D: From Strengthening Bones to Curing Diabetes”

Sugary Kidneys

It is a fancy term, isn’t it so? This phrase came to my mind when I was wondering writing regarding scientific discoveries. This morning when I was on my way to lab. This phrase just popped up in my neurons. So what exactly I mean by sugary kidneys. With long standing diabetes, our vital organsContinue reading “Sugary Kidneys”